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Way back in 1995, before the internet distracted everyone from regular work, we created the first version of Approved membership management software for a local chamber.We think we proved how powerful Microsoft Access could be.  The first version was a full accounting system and membership management system.We collected over 1000 membership organizations as users, and enjoyed a strong positive following. 

Somewhere along the way we realized most of the support issues were the result of accounting issues, so we decided we would tie Approved to QuickBooks as our back end accounting.  We did a good job, so good, Intuit called us.

They said "Hey!  We saw what you did!  Great Job"  I said "Thanks!" they said "It is in violation of our license agreement!" I said "Errr…..I can….stop?"  they said "Nah, it's OK.We were planning on authorizing people to do this anyways, so we'd like you to be one of the first companies authorized to write QuickBooks add-ons. We have been a happy Gold Authorized Intuit Partner ever since.  Over it's 17 plus year life span we have added a lot of improvements to Approved and had to pass on features Access Simply could not handle.

Alas, all things fade, and little by little Microsoft gave up on Access and migrated to SQL, and so have we.

Approved Horizon is the product of our 18 years of experience with the Membership industry, and it incorporates all of the good ideas that were in Approved, along with all of those great ideas we could not do with Access.  With SQL as the back end database engine, there are really no limits to the database size, number of users, and the number of features and enhancements we can create.Take a look at Approved Horizon, and if you have any questions, call me.  I'll be happy to speak with you about all that is new on the Horizon!

Ben Pittman, President Approved Horizon

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