Association management is a complex and challenging task, but it can be very rewarding – and easy – with the right tools. With Association Management software by Approved Horizon, keeping all the association details, and data, together is a breeze. Developed by Association and Chamber of Commerce professionals, all the necessary actions are seamlessly integrated together, including simple-click Quick Books data transfer and coordination. Approved Horizon association management software makes it easy. It even includes membership website management software.

Approved Horizon is built using Microsoft Smart Client Technology, a sophisticated development paradigm which eliminates the “browser” (i.e., Internet Explorer) from web-based applications. The smart client app is installed once on each PC, Net Book or Laptop and then updated automatically when new releases or service packs are available. This results in less traffic between the user and the hosted servers, faster system navigation and a more tolerant interface that does not drop data changes like a browser would when an Internet connection is temporarily interrupted (e.g. with sporadic wireless connectivity). While the technology excites the techies, our users focus on the features and benefits to their operation: Faster response times and more stable day to day use.

Membership management becomes simple yet thorough. No task is missed, no detail ignored, no data lost. You manage the association, providing membership with the opportunity to communicate effectively, meet efficiently and grow strong successfully.

Our membership management software is ideal for such groups as:

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Professional Associations
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Service Organizations
  • Clubs
  • Fraternal Organizations

Eliminate wasted time from your operations! Approved Horizon automates the most time consuming tasks associated with membership management, so you can manage more members and activities in much less time. Plus, our software was designed with the NED2 philosophy, (Never Enter data twice!) so you won’t spend any time reentering data from one software program to another. Put the data in one time, and it is in your Accounting, Email, website, recordkeeping, reporting, and management systems all at once.

Approved Horizon is the best full featured membership management software available on the market today. See how easily you can simplify your association management needs and provide a more rewarding experience for all your membership – sign up for the FREE Demo now.

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